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Reader’s Choice:
The Best of Hood County is a consumer promotion sponsored by the Hood County News. Ballots will be published until July 15 for you the reader to cast your vote, telling us what you think are the “Best of” in Hood County. Votes may also be cast online.
Contest Rules:
1. One entry per person. Entries must be on original newspaper ballots, no machine copies will be counted. Ballots must be at least 50% completed. Name, address and phone number must be filled in to be counted. Multiple ballots that appear to be from the same person will not be counted.
2. Online voting is limited to one vote per email address per category.
3. Final decisions on ballots, categories and winning entries will be made by the Hood County News.
4. All entries must be received by 5 p.m., Monday, July 23, 2018.

(*A random drawing of all entries will determine the $100 winner. )

Adding Contestants:

1. Registered voters may suggest a business or individual to be added to a category. The business or individual must have a Hood County location and must provide the goods or services in the category.
2. Once the suggested business or individual is approved, the contestant will be added to the category and the votes counted.
3. Businesses from outside of Hood County will not be added.

Suggesting Categories:
1. Categories cannot be added after the voting has started.
2. Categories may be suggested for the next year’s ballot by mailing suggestions to Businesses or individuals that could be included in the category may also be included with the suggestions.
3. Suggested categories may or may not be added based upon the number of businesses or individuals providing the services and reader interest.

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